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Why Avoid Eye Contact?

Kids who have autism avoid eye contact a lot of times, and I was one of those kids who avoided eye contact with a lot of people.

There are many reasons why kids who have autism would avoid eye contact with other people. Here is a small list on why I think the reason is.

  • Feeling guilty about almost everything they did
  • Feeling like everything the person says to them is bad
  • Have to hide their looks because of low confidence in appearance.
  • Extremely shy
  • Don’t like to be talked to because of interuption
  • Afraid to kiss the person talking

That’s right. The reason why I said “Afraid to kiss the person talking” is because to be honest with you, I had that feeling. Embarrassing I know, but if I was even more honest with you, I made great eye contact on a girl that I liked when I was in 2nd grade. I don’t stare, because I need time to blink.

Whenever I get asked what’s wrong because of me looking away at the person talking, I was always afraid to respond because at the time I either don’t know the answer or to be honest with #6 on the list. Besides how ridiculous and embarrassing would that be if I told that kind of truth? That’s why it’s good to finally share it in this cool blog of mine (Built by my Dad).

So when you see someone who has autism having trouble looking at people, it’s never too late to ask why. Kids, respond to the question, said by yours truly Tyler McNamer. I have autism, and it takes time to make full eye contact to people when talking. It’s good to start young.

Now a days when I see that same girl, I look away because of embarrassment. It’s a normal trait people have when seeing someone beautiful. It takes an even longer time to make great eye contact to those kind of people.

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