Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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Being a teenage author

I never thought I’d be the youngest author of Bainbridge Island, and I’d say it’s a new chilling experience. It’s that chilling feeling when somethings new and you don’t know what to do and feel kinda lost. That’s the feeling I’ve been going through in high school.

Also, I just wanted to say that I have made a huge accomplishment at a young age, and yet my peers still see me as just another individual. Kinda cool that they still see me as another kid walking around the track. Although sometimes I wish my peers would see how big this book really is. Especially to a certain someone that’s related to my “In the Skies with Superman” blog post. I sure hope she sees it and see what has become of it.

When I was at this publishing class with best selling author Patrick Snow, I saw that everyone in the class were older than me. I was the youngest, and it made me feel nervous, but Patrick helped me the basics of how to layout a book with title, subtitle, tagline, contents, acknowledgments, and so on. Felt good that I was the only kid that gets a chance to learn that information and not anyone else. Otherwise if people want to know how books work, I’d be happy to teach them.

I often feel kinda lonely when being the only author of my school, because I’ve been working hard to make this book a good one and to spread it out all over the Washington community. Other kids get paying jobs at Safeway and at video rental stores, my job is business involving the book. It’s more of a family effort then just myself. I have my Mom helping advertise the book, same with my Dad, and he teaches me how to be involved with this business gig. Just recently he gave me an assignment saying that I should create a flyer of some sort advertising the book. I have never wrote a flyer before, and thought it was neat to do something new involving the book.

I honestly never thought that writing a book would be so huge. I literally thought that artwork or painting pictures was much bigger than writing. I think it’s big, but I guess writing and artwork are kind of the same. But then I remember that books go around the world because the book can be duplicated and then sent all over the place.

After writing the book, I felt like I have done something none of my peers have done before, I know I kind of said that already but I had that feeling of victory, and saw a great future ahead of me involving acceptance from my peers. Especially being accepted by the kids that were in Wilkes Elementary. Show them what I achieved, show them that I’m like everyone else. Most important, I want to show them their past selves. What it was like being in Elementary School.

I shouldn’t expect expectations, but it’s always fun to dream; and most dreams come true.

Feels good to be different then others when I have abilities and skills others don’t have… sometimes.

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