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The Senior Farewell

Goodbye Seniors!

Tyler McNamer

Guest Reporter

“I can’t believe it! The big kids are going away!” That’s what I would say if I were in first grade, but I’m not in first grade anymore—I’m just a freshman. But since you’re reading this, I’ll say it again: “I can’t believe it! The big kids are going away!”

Every time I walk to school, every time I sit in my classes, at lunch, on the grass, or even by your side, I always feel happy with all the people who make this school a whole unit, and that includes the senior students. For the most part, every grade is separated into its own place during lunches. While kids don’t feel like they have to be in the same place every day, they go to the table or place because their closest friends are sitting there. My fellow freshman classmates and I feel like we have a lot of freedom, but you seniors, you get to do almost anything in the world.

I think every freshman should take the opportunity to get to know all of you. Everyone of you is the icon for the whole island and your full blooded Spartan spirit; the true high school spirit that has the power of cheering for your friends and having fun with them! As seniors, you have set the example for the underclassmen on campus. To those who still haven’t learned this, they are missing out on your wiseness. Well, anyway, I just wish my fellow freshman friends would know the ways of the Spartan Spirit like you guys. I always love it when you guys cheer us Spartans on. One person yells “Go!” and a huge wave of fans cheer “SPARTANS!!!!!!” The shouts are those of freshmen, juniors, and sophomores, but the ones who start the Spartan Spirit roar are the seniors!

It’s close to summer, and I bet you’re all excited and looking forward to fun in the sun and then going off to college in the fall. I’m excited for you too! But I am also sad to see all of you go. All of you bring a smile to my face by making the school complete. When I go back to school after summer vacation, it may not be the same without you. Not that I don’t trust the juniors and sophomores, but you know what I mean.

So before you guys go, I’m writing this to thank you for opening my heart to school, and I’ll just say this one last thing—Goodbye Seniors, and good luck in finding your future!

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