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The Marvelous Masterpiece of Music

I am proud to say that I’m one of the many many people who adores music. It really sets the mood if ya think about it. For example, if I listen to happy music, it makes me happy. Sad music makes me sad, and mad music makes me mad. Music I think really truly sets the mood for a lot of things, and even some music that has music videos have more flavor to their songs sometimes.

When I look at people and hearing what they play, sometimes they play the same genre. It’s cool to have a favorite genre, but for me, I love almost every genre. Hip-hop, Punk, Rock, Pop, Dance, Techno, Jazz, and many other genres of the world. I feel that for me, it’s good to spread out and have other favorite genres besides Hip-hop/Rap. Because I believe that if it’s just one genre, it get’s a little boring, so I decide to have other genres of music on my favorites.

I’ve noticed also that music kinda changes the person’s looks and attitudes. I can not say because that would be criticizing the genres of bands. But for example, Rock is loud, Jazz is quiet. Rap and Hip-hop kinda involves in the streets, and have their attitudes.

When I see the characteristics of these bands from their genres, I sometimes would think what it would look like to be a Rock n Roll superstar or a Rap/Hip-hop gang member. Be myself having the goodness in me, but have the superstar band member in me as well. Even in an orchestra where it’s more classy, it looks really cool.

Another thing that’s amazing about music, is that they have their own language in writing form. Pretty cool I think, because learning music is like learning another language. Then they mix it with other languages like Spanish, English, Japanese, and other languages that represents the lyrics of the songs.

Sometimes I wonder if I could ever be a songwriter or a singer. I know a little bit about music like melody, harmony, bass, chord, and percussion having their parts on music, but I don’t know if I could do that, although it looks so darn cool to be apart of the music industry after listening to different kinds of music.

If your reading this Dad, you still have that awesome golden singing voice.

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