Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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The Legacy of The Rainbow Seed

In 2003, I had an assignment. That assignment was to work quietly in 3rd grade and write a story about flowers.

I got really really excited when I got that assignment because for one thing, I like writing stories, and I love flowers. I was one of the few boys in Seattle that adore flowers, and I still do today. I would pick flowers and give them to teachers, students, and to my parents. Combining flowers and writing was a good combo for me.

After I wrote the short story, I got good reviews from others around me and how adorable it was, and I felt really good when writing it for other kids that were close to my age. Now that I’m older, I could use that same story I did when I was in 3rd grade and share it to younger kids in this generation.

I took a good long read on my creation and figured out that there’s a lot more than just a rainbow. It has imagination and charm on the characters. I see that it just takes 1 seed to make a whole bunch of flowers of different colors all over the field. There is no such thing as a rainbow springing up after a planted seed and then melting the rainbow to make more seeds, that’s just silly. It’s all a part of the young imagination. But related to that, it takes 1 to make something wonderful. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I wrote the book Population: One.

If you like the story titled The Rainbow Seed, you can read it again and again in my upcoming book Population: One. After all, it’s much better reading stories to children in books rather then on blogs.

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