Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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The Big Web Picture.

The first thing that most people might say in mind is: “Why is Tyler’s picture so big?” In response… I asked the same question on why the picture is so big. Well, I guess we can blame it on my Dad, Jody cause he made the website, and I still thought it was so amazing for my Dad to make this website for me to blog on. I just wanted to say thanks again for this website. Still, while coming to this website, I kept on thinking why my picture is so big.

After staring at my face for a while, I’ve thought of something cool and amazing.



As you can see, it is not photo-shopped or edited or anything like that because my tiny uni-brow is still there. (To tell you the truth, I hate uni-brows  they make me look silly.) I still have little facial hair on me even though I did one of my closest shaves. I got little holes all over my face because when I was 9, I had one of the worst cases of chicken pox, and it was really bad.

Of course, this picture is going to be edited or remixed, but I’m going to keep this one for the blog for other reasons.

In fact, believe it or not, right when I was finishing up that paragraph, my Mom came into my room telling me that the picture must be photo-shopped. I said sure, it would be done, and she also said that this is business related, I said that’s true, and it would be done soon.

Anyways, what I can see by this big web picture is a boy. A boy smiling. Everything in it’s natural and not edited or photo-shopped. Anyone who come across this not knowing that the pictured boy had autism would think of him as a regular person posing in front of the camera, in front of the leaves.

I believe that when people want to be an inspiration on others or to be a motivational speaker, or even a rock star member, they should have smiles on their faces. It’s impossible to force a ‘good’ smile, because then it would be ugly. Think of something amazing and makes people happy and then fill it with the smile. That’s what I think when it comes to a happy face.

I was thinking of that cool old BMW motorcycle. I forgot what year it was or what the model is called as a matter of fact, but it was really cool, and it made me happy.

I think this might be the reason why my Dad put this picture up and why it’s so big. It’s like a sign or something. Only my Dad Jody can explain why, but it’s cool to come up with reasons why things happen.

Why it’s up there? Possibly because…

  • Natural looks, and no edits on facial features
  • Unique because of the size
  • Smiling to the readers of this blog
  • Looking stylish for the fans

There are a lot of reasons why everything here for anything, but there’s going to be some true answers.

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