Scenery before Sleep

I live near the Seattle area, and when I see the city at a good angle, it reminds me of my toddler days.

When I was little, sometimes I would have trouble falling asleep, so sometimes when my mom and I were coming home from shopping or from school, she would say:  “Tyler, do you want to see the city?” and then I’d say: “Oh yeah yeah!” and then we drove to an area where I could see the entire skyline of Seattle, and every time it made me fall asleep.

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The way my head works and what helps me go to sleep is that I want to see a beautiful image of some sorts so I can keep that image in mind.  It’s like seeing the City of Seattle and it’s \ the last thing I want to see before shutting my eyes tight. I don’t do this every time I go to sleep, but sometimes, even today, if I have trouble sleeping I would want to see something gorgeous.

Sounds and music tunes help me sleep too.  The realistic scenery is something I’d love to hold on to my eyes until I fall asleep. Ever had a scene you just want to keep for a long time?   To me, I think that’s how great dreams come into play is the amazing thoughts we have during sleep.'s-on/events-search/detail/60912/2017.07.05-2017.07.08-open-air-cinema-at-st-albans-film-festival

Ordering Phentermine Online What do you think about before you go to sleep?

About the Author Tyler McNamer

Phentermine In The Uk To Buy Hi! My name is Tyler Allan McNamer. I became one of the few kids that wrote a book during my school days, and I'm still proud of that. Most of my information comes from my book Population: ONE. Other information that's not in the book has been spoken by me as a motivational speaker. In this blog, I'll give out information about the book, and my ways of thinking about the world we live in.

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