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Scenery before Sleep

I live near the Seattle area, and when I see the city at a good angle, it reminds me of my toddler days.

When I was little, sometimes I would have trouble falling asleep, so sometimes when my mom and I were coming home from shopping or from school, she would say:  “Tyler, do you want to see the city?” and then I’d say: “Oh yeah yeah!” and then we drove to an area where I could see the entire skyline of Seattle, and every time it made me fall asleep.

The way my head works and what helps me go to sleep is that I want to see a beautiful image of some sorts so I can keep that image in mind.  It’s like seeing the City of Seattle and it’s \ the last thing I want to see before shutting my eyes tight. I don’t do this every time I go to sleep, but sometimes, even today, if I have trouble sleeping I would want to see something gorgeous.

Sounds and music tunes help me sleep too.  The realistic scenery is something I’d love to hold on to my eyes until I fall asleep. Ever had a scene you just want to keep for a long time?   To me, I think that’s how great dreams come into play is the amazing thoughts we have during sleep.

What do you think about before you go to sleep?

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