Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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“Population One” The Kickstarter Project We Love (Article by an unknown author on the ASD Update.)


Normally I review books that are already published, but this one is special, and I can’t wait to receive my signed copy.
Mcnamer is a young man with a story to share. Well, more than a story. In his book “Population One”, Tyler describes his unique experience living a life with autism.  Tyler discusses the obstacles he has had to overcome, as well as the benefits of his autism. Most people familiar with autism know that every individual is unique, and it’s always rewarding to add another perspective to my point of view, but Tyler gives us something more.
Tyler doesn’t just describe his experiences, he gives answers and advice to those who may be seeking more than just a captivating read. “Population One” tackles issues like bullying with conflict resolution and leadership skills. Tyler teaches how to embrace change and build confidence through teamwork.
“Population One” is all of this, but it’s different. The thing that intrigues me about population one is Tyler’s philosophical perspective. Tyler goes on to write about what “Population One” means, and how he isn’t referring solely to himself. His perspective on our social construct, and how the patterns therein can be applied to the rest of the universe are captivating and thought provoking.
Tyler McNamer has crafted a book that is a must read not only for the autism community, but anyone who wishes to learn more about autism or even themselves. Watch Tyler’s video for his project, and you will see why I funded him through Kickstarter. Tyler is a fascinating person, whose dedication and drive should be recognized by the autism community. Please help us to share his story.

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