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I was going to blog about Crazy Taxi

I was going to blog about Crazy Taxi. You know, that crazy cool arcade game of 99? The object is simple, pick up the customers, drive them to their destinations in record breaking time, and rake in the crazy cash. Do it all before the time runs out.

I have been thinking about that game for a while, and was thinking about blogging about it. I remember my Dad playing it and got a crazy score, he would play as the character Gena and he was amazing at it. He is kinda of a crazy driver in real life too, would speed up, slow down quick, take tight corners, and even drifted at one point. Every time  he would say “Son, don’t do what I do.” I know it’s not fully right to drive like my Dad, but it sure is a fun way to drive.

Not sure if this blogging idea would be cool, but after thinking about Crazi Taxi, I had this crazy cool idea about turning the arcade game into a feel good movie. Four friends making crazy money. The only problem is about that is that there needs to be a good plot in the movie, and have the ability to make taxis into convertibles where customers can hop in and hop out.

I personally think that it’s possible to make a feel good movie based on a feel good video game, and I have been thinking about it for a while since I was six. That’s why I was going to blog about Crazi Taxi. But hey, it was just a thought. I guess that’s what’s in the mind of McNamer at some time.

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