Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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How to Write an Amazing Book

I wish the process is easy and quick, but this kind of thing is a lot longer and harder then it sounds. If I could sum it up it in simple words it would be…

  1. Write
  2. Tell
  3. Edit
  4. Cover
  5. Print
  6. Sell
  7. Collect

Well, I’m still a little new to this, but I think it’s good enough for the process. Did you know that #1 is the hardest part of the whole process? That’s right! Writing the book is the hardest part. It’s where most of the work goes as a matter of fact.

Telling others is one of the the most important ones in the process. Why is that you ask? It is because it’s all in the advertising business  The more know you and love you, the more likely they will buy the book. Be friends with lots of people and tell them about your upcoming book. But you have to write it first.

There are a lot of editors who are willing to help you make the book better. Here’s how I did the process with my Dad.

  • My Dad got in contact with a professional speaker, author, and publisher named Patrick Snow.
  • We got in contact with him and I told him all about my upcoming book and how it’s going to be so cool.
  • Patrick told us the process in the book business and how book covers are made.
  • After a while, me, my Mom and my Dad went to one of Patrick’s classes on how to self publish a book and how the whole book selling thing goes in full detail with a time to practice a speaking engagement telling an audience what the book is about
  • Patrick told me about an editor far away named Tyler Tichelaar. Called him one of the best editors for best selling books.
  • I got into connection with him along with my Dad and Patrick and had a meeting on how Tyler Tichelaar does his editing on books.
  • I showed him my book’s outline
  • He caught every grammar and spelling error there is and fixed them all. He even talked it through with comments on Google Docs on what needs to be explained more or what needs to be taken out or anything that would make the book understandable for all readers.
  • Fix all of the suggestions the editor had said.
  • Proof read it once more.
  • Finish!

Quite a lot of stuff there is to know on how to get an editor isn’t it? It was all worth it. I’m glad Tyler Tichelaar was my editor for Population One. I thank him for all of that hard editing work.

On the cover part of the book. It all happens similar to getting an editor. Mr. Snow knew this woman named Shiloh Schroeder. Amazing name isn’t it? She has been doing book covers for other best selling books, and she was the right choice for my book. We talked about the book, and what the main theme is. I showed her pictures of the concept of what the book was about. I got the photos from istockphotos. It’s a website where great photographers capture amazing photos and people can look them up and buy them or print them.

Printing the book is used with a special printer that makes books look like books. Not the 10 ring office printed stuff. But books that you see in book stores and in libraries.

Must I say more about the selling part? Sell it everywhere possible. Before making the cash, the book must always be advertised as free copies. Especially to the ones you love. Unless if they are willing to pay for it, still refuse the money. Let’s put it in a different way, if you set up a stand for your tiny book selling business at a school, kids who heard about the book and are eager to read it would stand in line and buy your book.

The final part of the list is collect. Collecting the cash seems silly to me, but collect as in collect the support and appreciation on the book itself. You feel proud that you’re book became a huge success and your team helped you make it up to the top. In fact, right after I did the writing part my Dad said “You won!” After hearing that, I can see the future of my book being read by people from all over the world. Collecting that great feeling of victory, that’s worth more then money on my opinion.

For a while, I’ve been keeping this book a secret and wanted to surprise my peers, but my Mom always said “Tell it to the world, they would be excited to see this new book of yours.” For that, I did, and I did a blog on it.

This is what I did to create an amazing book, and all that time getting it put together was worth it.

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