Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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Giving Thanks to the New Sponsors of my Book (Book Update 7/26)

Awesome amazing stuff has been happening! I got the book all finished, it’s been all put together, and best of all, it’s been supported by these wonderful people who put their hearts into funding my book. These people will be mentioned in the book as proud sponsors and I give them all a very special thanks to these people.


Phentermine From Online Doctor Andre Martinez Anita Willsey http://coastalholidays.net/gps-23fujicod152fuji-7701-83952-23240-23240 Brenne Schario http://stackoftuts.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1555563455.1168138980865478515625 Brian Walker Bridget Hughes
Callie Bayer
Carl Middleton
Carrie M. Cone
Charles Strobel Zittel
Cheri Hayashi
Chris Petersen
David Brimhall
Delinda Jokela
Elizabeth Helbig
Fawn Colombatto
Fletch Newland
Fred Rea
Jamie Penrod
Jason Baker
Jennifer Smyth
Jerry Desmul
JJ Pawlowski
Laura Kern
Margaret Westcamp
Matthew G Llewellyn
Maureen McDonald
Mike Roe
Myra Walker
Patricia Adams
Rawson Hirschel
Rebecca Dawson
Rod Arakaki
Rodney Simpson
Steve McNamer
Susan Ross
The Huey Family
Wendi Weith

In showing my appreciation to these people for the support, I will give them the first addition of my book AS WELL as an autographed copy PLUS a comforting message in the book handwritten by me.

As of 7/26, I am still waiting for the printer to print out 200 books. The printer is in California, and I will receive all of the copies in my hometown of Seattle Washington. I can not promise any dates of my book release to anyone yet, but we will let everyone know when my copies will be available to sell locally and online.


http://carepakistan.org.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1555538733.1278939247131347656250 Thank you again for the amazing support. I hope to bring a humongous impact to the autism community… and to something else.

About the Author Tyler McNamer

Hi! My name is Tyler Allan McNamer. I became one of the few kids that wrote a book during my school days, and I'm still proud of that. Most of my information comes from my book Population: ONE. Other information that's not in the book has been spoken by me as a motivational speaker. In this blog, I'll give out information about the book, and my ways of thinking about the world we live in.

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