Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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Evolution of Classmates

There is that crazy theory that the evolution of man started off as apes. To me that’s silly because I see chimpanzees in the zoo and all over the world.

I do believe that there is some sort of evolution in the world, and it comes from the closest people that have been with us since elementary school.

The evolution of classmates.

I guess you can say that there is an evolution of man and woman in this case and I’ll tell you why with my experience.

This evolution does not occur to everyone, but I guess you can say that to certain people that have changed over the years.

I have been in school for a long long time. It counts as a third home for me because back then I saw my classmates as brothers and sisters. Some were loving to me, some were mean to me; and even those who were mean to me I would forgive them with love. Back then I isolated myself because I did not know how to have fun. But it was my teachers and most importantly the classmates that showed me what fun is when it comes to being in the school doors or outside during recces. I would pick flowers and give them to the classmates, teachers, and all the other staff members of Wilkes Elementary. I was a shy boy, and wanted to make people happy. I am still like that today. Shy sometimes, and always want to make people happy. The classmates back then had flavor, character, joy, and were very friendly. That’s why I viewed them as my brothers and sisters. Doesn’t matter if anyone were blind, deaf, autistic, handicapped, or diabetic. Everyone was treated as a part of a whole.

In Bainbridge, we had a Intermediate school called Sakai. Grades 5 through 6. Things slowly changed. New friendships evolve. Nothing wrong with having new friends, but even that is dangerous sometimes. New friends equal peer pressure. They were not the same as the elementary school days. But they still had those fun creative minds during Intermediate school.

Woodward Middle School, it was the same thing with Intermediate school. Probably because it was just 7th grade to 8th grade. Small, and not as big as High School or Elementary school. The dances on that school were fun, enjoyable, and creative. It was back in the day when kids didn’t discover the grind if ya know what I mean. Even when kids do that stuff, they get told not too by the teachers. Great job I should say. Well taught.

High School I would say as the school of freedom. Because it’s such a big school, there are less staff members then there are kids I think. With that, the kids who are at that age, they can do whatever they want. New friendships evolve, and peer pressure overcame the kids. I remember the time when the kids who were at my elementary school; they were creative and fun. They taught me how to have fun with others. In high school, there were 2 kids that were in my elementary school, and they became ASB officers. (Associate Student Body) I discovered that they weren’t as creative then back then. They didn’t think of others except for themselves. Themselves, and their own friends that were on their own grade.

I always wanted to have fun in High School, and want to make people happy. I remembered having a dance contest, it was the only dance contest were 1 of every grade would dance for the ultimate prize. I won the dance contest with a tremendous victory and won the prize. Then I gave the prize to the Freshman that participated in the dance contest. The Senior students looked and secretly said “whatever” or “huh”. But the Freshman grade and Sophomore grade were surprised and excited to see the Freshman getting the prize because I gave her the prize.

Throughout the years ever since 5th grade, I always wanted to be with the people who were at Wilkes Elementary. They showed me how to have fun with others, but as the years go on, people change physically and mentally. Used to be smart but now dumb. I am not talking about getting good grades, I’m talking about kindness. Used to be fun and friendly, but now it’s mean, and picky. I was known as “The growth of the Invisible Boy.” That is what one of my chapters is called. As the years go on, I become more invisible. I even would say “hi there” but no response.

Because I wanted to be part of that group, even bullies would rise once again. A couple of girls thought I was a stalker because of that one time I liked a girl back in 1st grade through 5th grade, and they kept hold of that moment as something bad. I do not stalk on other people. Besides that was way back in the day when we didn’t know much better and went on with our little lives. I guess that’s the tough part about growing up, people remember you for something bad and not so much on the good. I complement them for remembering the past, but it’s the good stuff that needs to be talked about more often.

This does not mean that they should be my only friends. I’ve got 2 of the coolest people that I’m proud to be called friends. They are in the kickstarter support video. As a matter of fact, it’s interesting because with the “Wilkes Kids of 05”, they have changed so much, but for me, I will never change my heart. I change my looks like clothing and hair, but I will never change my heart and mind. I have told them 64 times that I want to be with them and that they showed me how to have fun, but they never listen to me; and that is very sad for them to not see what I am trying to give to the world. Wanting to make people happy, wanting to teach people to be true to themselves, and I feel that the Wilkes Kids of 05 proved a great resource for my observation in the world and the evolution of manhood and womanhood.

If I was even more honest with myself. I had harsh feelings for the Wilkes Kids of 05 for not treating the lower grades greatly and for treating me like I was nothing. You could say that I have a love/hate relationship with those students because of how they changed so dramatically. I would help them with something, but I don’t get any appreciation. It makes me sad and angry when they aren’t fully true to themselves when it comes to kindness.

The evolution of classmates starts with kindness and creativity, then goes back to mean and lame. For me, because I can’t change my heart and mind, I start out as a whole, then goes instantly to nothing. Especially when seeing my familiar face everyday.

But once I sell this book to the Wilkes Kids of 05, I hope that they will open themselves up to me, and show their true selves to the world with me. I hope to take them to new levels of exploration of life and with me, become a population of one.

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