Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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Energy Readings

Some people who have autism have high energy, some people who have autism have low energy. With me, I’m proud to say that I had amazing energy when I was a kid. I was immature back then by using that energy in the wrong time like during class time. I would do recess but still have a lot of energy.

Now a days, I would be calm and relaxed. I use my amazing energy when doing track or riding my bike or any other kind of sport. It took a while to calm down when I was little so what I did was stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and then smile. Then, when I opened my eyes, I did a blowing sound. It’s that blowing sound people make when blowing dandelion seeds. I felt calm and ready to take on the day. To me, it’s a way to save my energy for something big like sports or parkour. Not sure if it counts as a sport. Hmm… Oh well.

When I see kids at high school that don’t have as much energy as me, I always wondered why they don’t have a lot of energy. I’ve always thought that teenagers and kids would have tons of energy to do anything in the world that would affect people positively. Unfortunately there is not a lot of energy coming from others around me. Makes me think that my energy is different from the world allowing me to do a lot of stuff. I never understand teenagers even though I am one, because they would tell stories about their parties and all that crazy stuff. I do a lot of crazy cool stuff, but not with those school mates. So what I would do during lunch in high school is walk outside almost all the time. Even when it’s raining. I keep walking.

The way I see it is that rain is the same thing as taking a shower, getting all wet, but yet cold like snow almost. People go outside when there’s snow, people go outside when there’s sun. With me, it doesn’t really matter too much. Is that the same for you? They say that when it rains, it gets depressing, but with me, I smile up in the rain.

When walking in the rain, and when it’s colder, it gives me more endurance to do sports. Of course, I always wear warm clothing, but it’s the walking that counts.

It’s never too late to let out that energy on anything. Even when it means punching the punching bag. Awesome way to let out that kind of energy when feeling angry, or sad. As the years go on, I learned how to manage the energy readings on me, and become more independent.

Kids, it’s super cool to let out the energy on anything. But as you grow up, there are limits. That never means that you will lose that energy, because when it comes to having fun, that energy would be released and that’s how the fun starts.

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