Changing the face of autism ONE talk at a time.

As a motivational speaker, Tyler has the ability to talk in front of large audiences informing the great and unique ways that autism affects the world, and shows us how we can see it in a different way and not label it as a ”dis” ability but an extraordinary ability! There are a lot of people with autism that are typically anti-social and are afraid of people. Tyler wants to challenge that anti-social behavior in the autism community to allow everyone to stand up and be thankful for who they are, accept their differences, and show us what they can bring to this world. This is not just a message for people who are on the autistic spectrum, this message is for all who want to join hands with Tyler and become a population of ONE; whether they have autism or not.
Tyler’s way of speaking is to inspire, humor, and entertain audiences of all ages. His book Population: ONE tells a unique story on what it’s like to have autism at a young age.  So for schools across the country, this is a special opportunity for them to include Tyler as a part of their teaching curriculum since he wrote this book during his high school years.
Tyler’s goal as a professional speaker is to entertain and educate people by teaching them the importance of autism. The common unique ability itself is defined basically by saying that “fantasy dominates reality.” Realizing the definition of autism, he wants to combine fantasy and reality resulting in a chain reaction of endless possibilities. There have been many successful and professional people who are on the autistic spectrum who have changed the world as a whole and made it a more amazing place.These people have contributed greatly in the advancement of  technology and science, just to name a few.
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