Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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His Book on Autism Written from Personal Perspective

This article written by Larry LaRue informs you why I wrote the book, what would it become of it, how it affects others, and how a goal to show this achievment to the classmates was crushed after graduating. Still wonder if they get to see it for the first time though. You can read the […]

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Kopachuck Middle School Speaking Engagement

On June 5th, I will have a speaking engagement at the Middle School over at Kopachuck. My topic for the students and staff will be about kindness, and how it is possible to have a great time in High School. I know how to have a great time by experience. I mean yeah there are […]

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Kopachuck Review

I have made a public speaking engagement in front of over 600 kids at Kopachuck Middle School. I do not have pictures and videos to show right now, but will be available in a new blog post. When I arrived at the school, there was a sign that said “Welcome Tyler!” in big bold letters. […]

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Bainbridge High Grad Talks About Life with Autism, Bullying, and His New Book

An article by a grat woman I chatted with named Julie Hall. Here is the article below. Enjoy! http://www.insidebainbridge.com/2014/01/05/bainbridge-high-grad-talks-about-life-with-autism-bullying-and-his-new-book/ I gotta say just to be honest, it’s not totally accurate, the part where she said “universes” when it’s really galaxies. Well, the book speaks for itself. The article is still great!

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As I mentioned in chapter 25, I used to think that “rainbow” was one color. Turns out I was just being cute and said that all colors are amazing, but everyone has their favorite single color so I chose red. This article is like the one about the numbers. The numbers have their own meanings, […]

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Book Update 9/3

Book release: Today! For now, it is released locally on Bainbridge Island at Eagle Harbor Book Company, and is available for purchase by readers everywhere. You can also purchase the book online through Amazon.com. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Population-One-Autism-Adversity-Succeed/dp/1938686543/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378245080&sr=8-1&keywords=Tyler+McNamer   Thank you again for your patience!  I am excited for people to read my book.

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Giving Thanks to the New Sponsors of my Book (Book Update 7/26)

Awesome amazing stuff has been happening! I got the book all finished, it’s been all put together, and best of all, it’s been supported by these wonderful people who put their hearts into funding my book. These people will be mentioned in the book as proud sponsors and I give them all a very special […]

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Scenery before Sleep

I live near the Seattle area, and when I see the city at a good angle, it reminds me of my toddler days. When I was little, sometimes I would have trouble falling asleep, so sometimes when my mom and I were coming home from shopping or from school, she would say:  “Tyler, do you want to see […]

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Book Update 7/1

My book made it’s way to the printer. In about 2 weeks, I will receive more than a hundred copies of my book and give them to the people that supported the project first. Book Release: TBD

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I find numbers to be easy to understand then the alphabet. English is one of the hardest languages in the world. There, their, they’re… too difficult. Numbers have a lot of meaning in my opinion, that’s why I’m “pretty good” at math. Pretty good because I’m not very good at coming up with answers really quickly. […]

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