Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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After Writing the Dancing Article

Like I said on the article, “I love to dance!” I do it for fun. When I saw my peers doing the sexual bending, I got very confused and asked myself “Is this normal for teenagers to do this?” I honestly thought that teenagers were more creative in their dance movies more then writing a book or painting a picture… but even those two things are hard. I don’t know, I think dancing is a lot more fun then a lot of stuff, and there should be creativity on those things. To me, I thought that’s how people get impressed by different dance moves and having fun.

But when people do the same thing, that’s what I call major peer pressure. I called it a “Snake Horde” Because snakes mate in a large horde. Seeing the sexual bending lead me no choice but to leave; because if you’re the only person that dances with style and no one else does it, it’s just no fun. In fact selfish because there are other people who don’t want to do that.

In fact, after posting that article, I started a revelation on the dances at my high school. Later on throughout the years, there have been not a lot of people going to the dances lately. It was all a part of the plan; finding real dancers who know how to break it down. Later on, I’ve noticed more dancers came, and then more. Pretty soon, the school dances are a little more enjoyable.

Then you get the senior students who want to torment the lower classes. Peer pressure is a terrible thing. They think that it’s natural for a senior to change a freshmen, for me. It’s the other way around. As a freshman student, I did things that every other freshmen didn’t do, and that is have courage and have the ability to stand tall in being one’s true self.

After writing the article, I have been bullied badly. I thought it was because that the article was so huge that it’s going to change the dances later on, and many people don’t like that. I was ready for that, because it was big, and there are a lot of people who did not like it.

I never regretted that article, and I keep it in my archives always.

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