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After Saying Goodbye to the Seniors

I keep on hearing students saying that freshman year was a bad year. For me, I think that any year is a good year as long as people see it as good.

I felt like I had a great year being a freshman. As a matter of fact I had some help becoming a Freshman king thanks to the seniors. They thought I was cool, and I brought back the charm to them when proving myself that I can have great enthusiasm to my high school, no matter how tall I am or how young I am. I was pretty short back then as a freshman, and still am a little short as a senior today.

After being with the seniors of 2010, I thought that all seniors would be friendly to the lower grades, but according to my Dad, he says that the lower grades would get all the glory when they are seniors. It’s been like that for over a hundred years. It’s not fair, but I guess that’s the way it should be. To me, I don’t think it should be like that for seniors to treat others lower and make them higher. I think that there is an equal to students because they are in the same school.

Then you have all the other students that have me outnumbered saying that they don’t want to support the lower grades like I hoped. It’s not fair, but I guess it is what it is.

Even if the seniors would be mean to the freshmen, I would still enjoy their company. I believed that when a group of kids had a long history of going to school, I think that their is an act of kindness to their hearts, and that’s what I did. I befriended the seniors and wrote an article about them when they were about to leave.

After they left, school wasn’t the same.

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