“The best kind of freedom is the freedom to do good.” – Tyler McNamer

aboutIn his eighteen years, Tyler Allan McNamer has been faced with many challenges, including being diagnosed as autistic. He always knew he was different from the other kids in school and different in how he saw the universe. Regardless, Tyler has embraced his differences and overcome his challenges. Tylers unique vision and leadership have made an impact on hundreds of kids and teachers from elementary to high school. He may be a little strange and different, but his intelligence, desire to help people, and his goal to write a book at such a young age have made him rise to the top. Tyler’s dream is to be a hero. At an early age, he said, “The best kind of freedom is the freedom to do good. It is what makes heroes.” Tyler believes that anyone can be a hero or heroine when that person has the freedom to do good. He wrote this book to show what he meant.

Tyler’s autism provides him with a unique perspective when viewing the world, so unique that he wrote this book as a senior in high school to share his thoughts, feelings, and views, but more importantly, to inspire others to overcome their own obstacles. Tyler hopes his readers will switch eyes with him for a short time because only by seeing things from anothers perspective can we come to understand and care about each other.