Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
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About This Book, Being Different, and Being a Hero

“The best kind of freedom is the freedom to do good. It’s what makes heroes.” – Tyler McNamer

Different. That word alone is extremely common in everyday life. Especially when it comes to living beings. The way I used to see the word “different” was that it’s a lonely thing, and because I am different, because I have autism, I felt like I didn’t need anybody and needed to isolate myself from everyone.

Overall, because I was different I felt as if the planet needed me as a hero. That’s what I thought before writing this book. In reality, I can’t self-proclaim myself a hero. I’m just an individual. Are you an individual? If you are, then you are never alone. There are great people in the world we live in. People are great when they do good to themselves and to others. That is why, with this book, I want to prove that being an individual with or without autism can affect the world in a positive way.

All these years of being alone with freedom, I discovered something I wrote as a quote for my high school graduation: “The best kind of freedom is the freedom to do good. It’s what makes heroes.” I kept that quote as a reminder that doing good makes me feel like a hero to anyone and to anything. When I was little, I felt like a hero giving flowers to girls. It felt great. When creating this book, I felt like a brave hero because I was open to the thoughts coming from my heart and mind when writing and had the courage to help people young and old.

So many people in the world can write about anything, but only one person can write a book about me, and that is me. This is an autobiography about my childhood and how I viewed the world and what challenges I’ve faced over the years. Maybe most of you can relate to me when it comes to childhood stuff.

This book is not in an orderly fashion in terms of its chapters. I wrote what came up in my head. Most of the people I know are not named in this book.

This book can be described as many things. It can be a journal, a diary (not really), a survival kit, and a guide for everyone with or without autism. It can even be a comic book, but I can’t draw comics. Although they look so cool! See, that’s the thing about books and stories, there’s a lot of imagination that’s realistic most of the time.

With my help, I hope you can show great leadership, determination, and ambition. My book will give you examples of how to do that. Feel free to use my examples. If not, that’s totally cool, because everyone is different and entitled to the choices he or she makes in life.

Enjoy the book.

“The best kind of freedom is the freedom to do good. It’s what makes heroes.” – Tyler McNamer

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