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A Freshman Freelance Article About Flash-dance (AFFAAF)

Let’s Fix Our Dances, BHS!

Tyler McNamer

Guest Reporter

Dance Enthusiast

I love to dance! Dancing is one of the things I like to do for fun. But when it comes to school dances, I begin to lose my dancing spirit. It all started at the last dance I went to. It was the end of the basketball season and all the fans had gone wild cheering for the BHS Spartans. To celebrate, we went to the dance where the fans got a chance to move around just as much as the basketball players moved around. In the commons, it was dark, lights were everywhere, the DJs’ were playing music, and the whole crowd filled up the dance floor. As I was dancing, something didn’t seem right. There was rap music and people doing dirty dancing. I heard a report not long ago that kids drink and smoke outside the commons. No wonder most of the kids never want to dance. That’s just my thought. With that, I left the dance for good.

Dancing is all about having fun and moving with your hands, feet, hips, and your whole body. When I read a dictionary, Rap is defined as a talk, conversation, or discussion in music. Out of all the dances I have been to for weddings, parties, and other celebrations; I have to say that high school nowadays is not a safe place to dance. Personally, I’m trying to show my BHS spirit when I dance. I have a hard time talking to people at lunch. To show my high school spirit and have fun with my classmates, I dance. To me, dancing is a language through which you can speak with your body, but not with your tongue.

So if you like smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing dirty dancing as if you’re in a nightclub, why don’t you come up with your own club off-campus?

Building a dance party is simple, with 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Have an open space to dance.

Step 2: Put up the lights.

Step 3: Use a D.J. turntable to play music.

Step 4: Dance like crazy!

Step 5: Clean up afterward.

At Union Grove High School in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there are strict rules for school dances. The thing that bothers me most at BHS dances is what Union Grove calls “Sexual Bending.” It bothers me because I don’t think it has much to do with dancing. Almost everyone does it. I come to dances to dance. Those who do this “Sexual Bending” stuff, would immediately get kicked out of a dance for good if they were at Union Grove High. In my opinion, kids have more fun dancing without doing the “Sexual Bending” routine. As a matter of fact, “bending” can lead kids to be sexually active, and that leads to danger!

I have done interviews with Ms. Duvall, Ms. Lemmon, and Mr. Peterson and talked to them about what goes on inside dances. Ms. Duvall said that dancing was really different back when she was in high school, when there was none of that bending stuff. “I’m not a fan of this dirty dancing routine. Dances should be fun and safe,” said Duvall. I then talked to Ms. Lemmon and Mr. Peterson about the same topic. Both agreed with Duvall, saying that the type of music in school dances tempts kids to do the “grinding” stuff. When my freshmen friends and I were in 8th grade, we had strict rules for our dances. But now that we are in high school, freshmen feel that they are free to dance however they want, following the example of kids in higher grades. According to Ms. Lemmon, more kids are showing up intoxicated at school dances than ever before. “Those who are drunk or high are handed over to the police and are suspended from school for 10 days,” said Ms. Lemmon. I then asked Mr. Peterson why, besides the music, he thinks kids dance like this. “Kids are influenced by older kids at BHS and even TV,” commented Peterson. I know what he means. The higher the grade, the more influence they have on the grade below. For example, seniors influence juniors, juniors influence sophomores, and sophomores influence freshmen. The administration is going to talk to the disc jockeys at dances and ask them to change the music to make it less tempting for students to grind and bend. In school dances, everyone hears a lot of rap, and rap is the music that tempts kids to grind. Dancing is dancing, grinding is grinding, and bending is bending; you simply can’t combine them. Rap is just talking. I’m not a talking person, I’M A DANCING PERSON!

2009 Tyler McNamer

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