Population: ONE

Welcome to the world of Tyler McNamer, author of Population: One. Tyler named his book Population One because he lives in his own world where he is the only resident. Yet, he knows that when individuals come together and learn from each other, they can form entire galaxies.

Tyler’s autism provides him with a unique perspective when viewing the world. He hopes his readers will “switch eyes” with him for a short time because only by seeing things from another’s perspective can we come to understand and care about each other.

Seeing things differently is important to Tyler. “Autism¬†is not an excuse to be different,” he says. “Having autism is like being a regular person, but… Having a mind that views the world differently is a new experience for everyone… Autistic people are here for some reason. Let’s see if you can find that reason.”

In these pages, Tyler offers his unique perspective on:

  • Growing up with autism, its obstacles and benefits
  • How to adapt and succeed regardless of life’s challenges
  • How disabilities include special gifts
  • What is true leadership and its role in conflict resolution
  • School bullying and ways to eliminate it
  • Teamwork and leveraging everyone’s talents to make a better organization
  • Putting aside differences to co-exist peacefully